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A Nigerian couple reportedly teamed up with a Bluffhill man and went on shopping spree of expensive phones and groceries using cloned American Visa Cards.

Oluwaseya Ajibala Ogbechi (43), Ruth Ruramai Ogbechi (28) and Olga Tapiwa Tapambwa (29) reportedly duped supermarkets and gadgets shops of groceries and Apple iPhone 7 plus phones worth over $20 000.

The trio appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Barbra Chimboza facing seven counts of fraud which is defined as unauthorised use or possession of credit or debit card. The trio will appear before the same magistrate today for bail ruling.

Prosecuting, Ms Linda Gadzikwa alleged that on May 8, the trio used a cloned ATM Visa Card belonging to a customer of Chase Bank of United States of America (USA) to buy groceries worth $5 627.60 at SPAR Supermarket in Ballantyne suburb, Harare.

The court heard that Chase Bank discovered that the card was being fraudulently used in Zimbabwe and alerted the complainant, CABS Bank.

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