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A PASTOR from a Zion church in Gwanda allegedly beat his wife to death with a hoe handle when she denied him sex.

Misheck Ncube (54) immediately handed himself over to police in Gwanda when he realised Ms Nokuthula Khumalo (44) had stopped breathing following the attack after midnight on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at Nsimbi Village under Chief Nhlamba in the Guyu area.

Ncube allegedly told police he lost his temper because his wife denied him his conjugal rights when he desperately needed to be intimate with her.

He is said to have told officers he struck his wife twice on the face with the hoe handle resulting in her death.

A source close to the couple said Ncube flew into a rage when Ms Khumalo continuously told him she was not feeling well and could not have sex.

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  • TWO Mangwe villagers who were part of a 12-men gang that fatally assaulted two border jumpers for stealing maize cobs in their fields have been arrested after being on the run for nine years.

    Milton Mayisa (26) and Butinyana Dube (39) of Nxele Village appeared separately before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Taurai Manwere facing murder charges. The two are facing accusations of killing Benedict Ncube who was aged 26 and Xolisani Sibanda who was aged 19 in February 2008. The two suspects were remanded in custody to July 4.

    Seven other accomplices from the same village were in February sentenced to five years in jail after they were convicted of culpable homicide by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Maxwell Takuva.

    Prosecuting, Mr Elisha Mazorodze said on February 25 in 2008 at around 1PM, Mayisa and Dube teamed up with other villagers and attacked Ncube and Sibanda resulting in the two men sustaining injuries that led to their death.

    “Mayisa and Dube together with other villagers attacked the two men with knobkerries and switches until they lost consciousness. Ncube and Sibanda died at Plumtree District Hospital due to injuries sustained during the attack,” he said.

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  • A MAKONI-BASED policeman was last week brutally murdered by a villager following a scuffle over a $2 debt.Teurai Tsarwe (35) of Zambe Village under Chief Makoni was arrested on murder charges as defined in Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9.23.

    Tsarwe, who was not represented, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Rusape provincial magistrate Mrs Elizabeth Hanzi, who advised him to apply for bail at the High Court as he was facing a very serious offence.

    Prosecuting, Mrs Moreblessing Tapfumaneyi told the court that Tsarwe struck Samson Mutsunguma, a police special constabulary, several times on the head with a stone.

    “On June 13 at around 5.30pm and at Zambe Village, Teurai Tsarwe assaulted Samson Mutsunguma after Tsarwe had demanded his $2 note.

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  • A TEEN mother of one from Bulawayo secretly gave birth, allegedly strangled the baby and stashed the body in a bucket. Linda Ncube (19) from Gwabalanda suburb allegedly loaded stones into the bucket, on top of the body, covered it with a blanket and kept it outside the house.

    Residents yesterday said Ncube disappeared from home on Monday after they asked her about her baby. Bulawayo Police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident but could not give more details.

    The relative said that no one realised Ncube was no longer pregnant as she used to cover herself with a blanket. She said Ncube had many boyfriends and she could have killed her baby because she did not know the father.

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  • AN injiva’s wife from Kezi, who fell pregnant when her husband was in South Africa, allegedly strangled her four days old baby and shoved the body down an anthill to conceal her adultery.

    Police arrested Soneni Sibanda (35) of Noel Dube’s Homestead in Nhlupho village under chief Bhidi on Wednesday.

    She went into labour on May 11 and was rushed to Kezi District Hospital where she delivered normally and was discharged on May 15.

    Along the way home, she allegedly killed and buried the baby.

    A source close to the family, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said reality struck Sibanda and she panicked after she had delivered and was supposed to return home with a baby who had not sired by her husband.

    “Relatives and neighbours are all aware that it was not her husband who impregnated her because he had not returned home for more than one and a half years. We also think we know who she was cheating with,” said the source.

    She said after several days had gone by and no baby was seen, a tip-off was made to the police and investigations resulted in her arrest.

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  • A Bulawayo kombi driver who slapped a passenger for vomiting in his kombi resulting in the victim falling and hitting his head against the tarmac causing his death six days later, was yesterday convicted of culpable homicide.

    Donmore Simende (36) assaulted Mr Rodney Siwela (28) at a commuter buses terminus in the city resulting in his death six days later.

    A court heard that Simende slapped Mr Siwela once and he fell and hit his head against the tarmac.

    Mr Siwela spent a night lying unconscious at the terminus and he was only rushed by an ambulance to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) the following morning. Mr Siwela who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), died six days later.

    Simende who pleaded not guilty was however convicted by Mr Crispen Mberewere. He was remanded in custody to Monday for sentencing.

    “You have been found guilty of culpable homicide not murder because it wasn’t your intention to kill. You however neglected the deceased person and this caused his death. You have been found guilty of neglecting the now deceased leading to his death. You should have rushed the deceased to hospital when you realised that he had been injured following the assault,” he said.

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  • POLICE have said infidelity and jealousy among couples has led to the increase in murder cases countrywide, most of them fuelled by abuse of social media.

    National police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba expressed concern over couples killing each other saying social media abuse among couples has resulted in the increase of the crimes.

    Snr Asst Comm Charamba could not immediately release statistics of the murders, but said the increase in the cases was disturbing. She said dangerous weapons are being used in these crimes.

    Snr Asst Comm Charamba encouraged couples and family members to seek counselling services instead of resorting to violence.

    Enkundleni/Padare Men’s Forum programme officer Mr Ziphongezipho Ndebele said social media gadgets and platforms have contributed in exposing cheating couples.

    He said generally men are jealous and cannot stomach their partners’ cheating resulting in some of them turning violent on their spouses.

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  • A 42-YEAR-OLD man from Kezi allegedly beat up his mother before fatally axing her over a pot of cooked pumpkin.

    Samson Soro, who is said to be mentally challenged, was reportedly discharged from Ingutsheni Central Hospital less than two months ago.

    He allegedly killed his mother last Friday. Samson wanted to eat a whole pot of cooked pumpkin but his mother would not allow him, resulting in him beating her up and axing her.

    He assaulted Julia Soro (68) with a metal garden rack before axing her several times on her arms, legs and head which resulted in her dying on the spot.

    She was rushed to Kezi District Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. The incident occurred at around 10AM at Julia Soro’s homestead in Bidi Area, under chief Bidi.

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  • MIDLANDS provincial education inspector Fred Nyamhanga Shavi (64) has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of his wife of 14 years, Netsai Ncube, who was a lecturer at the Midlands State University.

    Shavi of Southdowns suburb in Gweru was yesterday convicted of murder with constructive intent by Bulawayo High Court Judge Justice Martin Makonese who is on circuit in Gweru. Through his pro-deo lawyer Mr Esau Mandipa, Shavi had pleaded guilty to a lesser crime of culpable homicide.

    Justice Makonese castigated Shavi for murdering his wife for having an extra marital affair with one Prosper Maburo from Gweru when he was himself suspected of having an extra marital affair with his ex-wife whose name was not given.

    The judge said in mitigation, Shavi had pointed out that Ncube had also failed to end her extra marital affair with Maburo even when Shavi had asked the two parties to end the adulterous affair.

    He said Shavi murdered his wife in a barbaric and despicable manner after delivering three fatal blows on her head using a homemade mattock.

    Justice Makonese said after attacking Ncube, Shavi went on to lock the house doors and gate before fleeing to Sanyati instead of rendering assistance or calling for medical assistance.

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  • A LUPANE man allegedly burnt his three-year-old niece to ashes in revenge after the girl’s mother accused him of breaking into their bedroom and stealing her husband’s beer.

    Zenzo Sibanda (35) of Kwarai village under Chief Mabhikwa allegedly torched the hut in which his niece, Kelly Joy Ndebele, was sleeping in February 2015.

    Sibanda, who was based in Botswana and is now facing a murder charge, has approached the High Court seeking bail pending trial.

    The court heard that on February 20, 2015, Zenzo had a misunderstanding with his father Mr Rodgers Sibanda and stepmother, Mrs Ester Sibanda, who accused him of breaking into their bedroom and stealing beer.

    Three days later during the absence of his parents, Sibanda proceeded to a grass thatched hut where his niece was sleeping and allegedly torched it resulting in the girl being burnt to ashes.

    After committing the alleged crime, the accused person fled from the scene. He was arrested at Masiyenyane Business Centre in Jotsholo the following day.

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  • A 17-YEAR-OLD Bulilima boy has appeared in court facing attempted murder charges after he severely assaulted his friend with an iron rod and left him unconscious in a dispute at a gambling school.

    The teenager, whose identity has been withheld for legal reasons, attacked his colleague after he demanded a torch that he had won while they were gambling.

    His friend sustained a deep cut on the head as a result of the attack and is battling for life in hospital.

    The boy appeared before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Joshua Mawere, facing attempted murder charges. He was remanded out of custody to today.Mr Mawere released him into the custody of his aunt whom he told to ensure that he does not abscond.

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  • A BULAWAYO woman who allegedly killed her four-year old niece and buried the body in the yard of her rented home appeared in court yesterday.

    Gladys Sibanda (42), a mother of four from Pumula South suburb, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya facing a murder charge in connection with the death of Thandeka Moyo last year on December 9.

    She was remanded in custody to June 2 and advised to apply to the High Court for bail.

    Police exhumed the body on Monday after Sibanda allegedly gave conflicting statements about her niece’s whereabouts. An unidentified man from the suburb – who has since also been arrested – allegedly assisted Sibanda to conceal the crime.

    However, the man did not appear in court yesterday.

    In her warned and cautioned statement, Sibanda admitted that she killed her niece, but did not state the motive behind the alleged murder.

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