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The country’s first kidney transplant unit is nearing completion with the technical team making last installations, a senior official has said.

Chitungwiza Central Hospital chief executive officer Dr Obadiah Moyo said the Laminar Air-flow — equipment that reduces the rate of infection in theatres — will be the last touch to the historic unit.

“We are moving at the correct speed because with the transplantation you have to be absolutely perfect in whatever you do. We want to create a full proof system so that we do not have any problems of patients coming back,” said Dr Moyo.

Dr Moyo said once the system starts functioning, kidney patients will no longer seek medical attention abroad. “We want to be able to stop people from going to India. “So the team will come here, we book all the patients locally and they carry out the transplant. We will also have post-operative management teams, doctors who will stay with the patients the same period that they would do in India.

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  • An estimated 800 out of 1 142 workers at Chitungwiza Municipality are not qualified for their jobs, it has emerged.

    In an interview with The Herald, chairperson of the commission appointed by Government to bring sanity to Chitungwiza, Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira said council will downsize.

    The MDC-T-run council failed to deliver basic services, forcing Government to appoint a commission chaired by Mr Pawadyira. “Quite a number do not have requisite qualifications for the jobs they are doing and currently we are in the process of downsizing from 1 142 to 308,” he said.

    Mr Pawadyira said workers with four O-Levels will be spared. “Some of the people identified as having inadequate qualifications but have four or three subjects at O-Level, we could give them a year or a year-and-a-half because they are trainable. “The time-frame could be enough for them to improve on their qualifications and once they get to five subjects, we put them in the system. The rest I am afraid they have to go,” he said.

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  • Chitungwiza Municipality is set to name 421 streets using natural habitat and totems, a development that is likely to bring sanity in the town where movement was a huge challenge for strangers.

    The identification of the streets is already complete, while the name tagging will be done next year. Caretaker commission chairperson Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira said the town resembled a primitive way of life. “It does not augur well for a place like Chitungwiza, with a population of about 800 000 people, where, if you want to get from point A to point B you have to ask using reference posts like the Town Centre,” said Mr Pawadyira.

    “It is really primitive. What we ought to do is to ensure that all the streets are named as we are entering an era of high technology Global Position System (GPS) and you cannot adopt it in a system where roads have got no names.

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  • Female “rapists” have resurfaced following recent reported cases in which two men were sexually assaulted after they were offered lifts by seven women in two separate incidents in Harare.National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incidents and said investigations were in progress. “On May 27, 2017 at around 4pm, the complainant, aged 37, boarded a blue Nissan Bluebird at the Coca-Cola bus stop along Seke Road intending to go to Chitungwiza.

    “The vehicle had three occupants, comprising one male who was the driver and two female passengers. On boarding the vehicle, the complainant was joined by another female adult,” he said.

    He said along the way, the driver claimed he wanted to evade a police roadblock and diverted the route and used Delport Road so he could reconnect with Seke Road farther down. “On the way, one of the females who had boarded the vehicle together with the complainant, drew what appeared to be a pistol and force-marched the complainant into a bushy area along Delport Road.

    “One of the females forced the complainant to have sexual intercourse with him without his consent while another female accused forced the complainant to drink an unknown liquid which left the complainant unconscious,” Chief Supt Nyathi said. In a related incident, a man boarded a white Toyota Noah with five unknown accused persons from Beatrice to Harare last week.

    Along the way, the man was offered a drink by one of the female suspects and he became unconscious after drinking it. “When the complainant gained consciousness he discovered that he had been abused.

    “We would like to urge members of the public to be on the lookout for a group of men and women who are giving unsuspecting victims transport and end up abusing them,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.

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  • Chitungwiza councillors and officials drove the municipality into bankruptcy through illegal land sales, as land in the dormitory town had become ‘a free for all’, the commission running the affairs of the council has said. 

    An internal audit revealed that councillors and staff allocated themselves stands/land and undercharged by as much as $200 and proceeded to sell the same stands for $5 000. The bankrupt council owes various creditors, including statutory obligations of more than $62 million while the local authority is owed $49 million by residents, business and Government departments.

    Speaking during a tour of Chitungwiza by Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere and other senior officials from his ministry, the commission’s chairperson Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira said most of the problems bedevilling Chitungwiza would have vanished had council received what was due to it.

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  • Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has appointed a caretaker commission for Chitungwiza Town Council led by retired civil servant Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira tasked with reversing illegal land acquisitions.

    This follows the minister’s decision earlier in the week to suspend Mayor Phillip Mutoti and all 24 councillors for allegedly corruptly allocating themselves tracts of land worth over $7 million.

    An internal audit showed that councillors and officials allocated themselves commercial and institutional stands for a song.

    Principal director (Urban Local Authorities), Ms Erica Jones said the other two members of the commission were Chitungwiza district administrator Ms Zvivanai Chisango and retired councillor Joshua Mabhiza.

    The commission will carry out all functions of council except levying, rates and taxes.

    “Their special focus areas will be to reverse all illegal land acquisitions as outlined in two audit reports, institute correctional measures to prevent similar occurrences and oversee the putting in place of proper procedures for estate management,” said Ms Jones.

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  • An internal audit report that reportedly triggered the suspensions indicates that council staff and councillors allocated themselves undeveloped stands they would have identified in the town.

    “Consequently, as at 14 February 2016, council was prejudiced of $7 771 112, 88 in revenue as council ended up realising $349 962 from the projected $8 121 074, translating to a paltry 4% payment rate,” read part of the report.

    The report listed all councillors who benefited from the alleged illegal land sales with one Charamba Mlambo said to have sold over 46 stands and one Lameck Chibvongodze also illegally selling 32 stands.

    Mutoti, according to the report, allegedly sold land worth more $100 000 while Zanu PF national youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga is said to have been given an offer letter for a 2 000-square metre stand worth $16 710 by Chibvongodze although there were no records to prove that the ruling party’s youth leader paid for the land.

    The councillors and top management, according to the report, also allocated themselves commercial stands which they allegedly later sold to land barons.

    “The syndicate identified potential buyers of stands/land, processed offer letters directly in the names of these buyers, collected such offer letters on their behalf against council policy or in cases where transfer of such land is required, council staff would process cession without any payment made to council. The cartel has thus effectively transformed into real estate agents.”

    The move to suspend the entire council came as President Robert Mugabe recently set up a special Cabinet committee to investigate suspected illegal land sales in all urban local authorities.

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  • Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has suspended Chitungwiza Mayor Phillip Mutoti and all 24 councillors for allegedly corruptly allocating themselves tracts of land worth over $7 million.

    Chitungwiza Municipality has 14 MDC-T councillors, including Mayor Mutoti and 11 Zanu-PF councillors. The minister will appoint a three-person caretaker council to clean up the rot in the municipality.

    An internal audit shows councillors and officials allocated themselves commercial and institutional stands. Human resources manager Mary Mukonyora got 8,41 hectares, Clr Simbiso Mhike (8,413 hectares), Clr Nicholas Mashayamombe (3, 839ha) and Clr Charamba Mlambo (46 stands).

    Other councillors also benefited from the looting spree. The audit revealed councillors and staff allocated themselves stands/land and undercharged by as much as $200 and proceeded to sell the same stands for $5 000.

    The councillors were given seven days to respond after they were summoned to the parent ministry together with management to answer to the charges.

    Minister Kasukuwere said the municipality was plagued by poor governance, negligible service delivery and outright corruption. The municipality serves a population of nearly half a million people.

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  • Parliament has named and shamed some land barons that have been illegally parcelling out land in Chitungwiza. A recent report by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government led by Irene Zindi listed the land barons as

    • Fredrick Mabamba of United We Stand Multi-Purpose Cooperative
    • Zanu PF’s Chitungwiza South MP Christopher Chigumba
    • Boniface Manyonganise of Yamurai Disabled Co-operative
    • Mrs Manhango of Chitungwiza Ruvimbo Housing Cooperative
    • Mr Makuchete
    • Major T Marufu
    • Mr and Mrs Chivhanga of Zanoremba Housing Co-operative.

    Land barons have wreaked havoc in Chitungwiza since 2010, creating a parallel land authority, that had its own architects, town planners building inspectors and housing officers.

    They allegedly allocated people land on wetlands, illegally subdivided and allocated state land. Some of the land that was illegally sold to unsuspecting house seekers was on top of sewer pipes, electricity pylons, as well as at sites meant for roads, schools, clinics and recreational facilities.

    As a result of the illegal allocations by the land barons, several people lost thousands of dollars after being swindled of their hard-earned cash.

    Others had structures that they had built on the illegal sites destroyed by council bulldozers and were rendered homeless.

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  • Converged telecommunications service provider Africom is set to launch its 4G fixed internet in Chitungwiza on May 18 in a bid to connect the unconnected and provide the fastest connections available for wireless networks.

    According to the company, the internet service will be launched at a colourful event in Chitungwiza.Details of the launch will be spread in the town as they approach the date. “Details of the launch will be distributed in and around Chitungwiza as we get nearer the date,” said Africom.

    “Chitungwiza is the largest high density town in Zimbabwe, with several suburbs the oldest being St Mary’s.Through this launch, Chi-Town will have seamless, high speed fixed internet connectivity stretching across St Mary’s, Zengeza and Seke, providing voice and data services to countless households in the area.

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