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BEFORE turning 25 last week, Dherira hit-maker Andy Muridzo shaved off his signature dreadlocks. Baba Keketso, as Andy Muridzo is affectionately known, said he got tired of the dreadlocks and decided to change his hairstyle and look by cutting his hair.

“I cut my hair to have a new look. Like anyone else, I just wanted to change my hairstyle,” said Baba Keketso.

Asked what he would do with the dreadlocks, the artiste, who celebrated his birthday in Harare at the weekend, said he would keep them in case he changes his mind.

“I’m definitely keeping my hair and not selling it because maybe one day, I’ll want to spot dreadlocks. And when I feel that way, I’ll simply visit the saloon and have them crocheted back.”

Some, however, felt that Andy, who recently launched a new album, had cut his hair to differentiate himself from Jah Prayzah whom many say he imitates.

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