Zimbabwe Covid-19 Virus Information Website

Lets stay home & stop the spread of corona virus

Covid-19 Information & Statistics

Read information & Statistics about corona virus in Zimbabwe

Covid-19 Symptoms Checker

Take self assessment test to check covid-19 symptoms

First Goverment measures to curb covid-19

List of measures put by government to stop corona virus

Corona Virus day to day symptoms

Here's how the symptoms progress day by day among typical patients

Lockdown Information

30th March 2020 to the 19th April 2020

List Of Activities Allowed

Here is list of activities your allowed to do during lockdown


Ministry Of Health

Website www.mohcc.gov.zw Twitter www.twitter.com/MoHCCZim

Ministry of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting

Website www.information.gov.zw Twitter www.twitter.com/InfoMinZW

World Health Organization

Website www.who.int Twitter www.twitter.com/WHO
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