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OK Zimbabwe’s profit after tax grew by 800,9% to $6,1 million from $700 000 in 2016 due to improved customer service, product mix, efficiencies, margins and better management of cost.

Revenue grew by 8% to $472,4 million from $437,5 million in the prior year.

Speaking at the company’s analysts’ briefing in Harare on Tuesday, OK Zimbabwe Limited chief executive officer, Alex Siyavora, said manufacturing of local products improved the supply situation in the country against a background of shortages of foreign currency.

Siyavora said in spite of the introduction of Statutory Instrument 64, which banned imports of products with local equivalents, they had received adequate import permits issued for goods that were not available locally, as a result their stores were adequately stocked with a mix of local goods and imports from South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.

He said in support of initiatives to resuscitate local industry, the group continued to support the Buy Zimbabwe campaign.

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  • THE Government has engaged South Africa over remarks by its Police Minister Fikile Mbalula alleging that the Zimbabwean ex-soldiers were responsible for violent crimes in the neighbouring country.

    In an interview yesterday, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Africa Mr Isaac Moyo said the embassy was shocked by Mr Mbalula’s claims, which he described as baseless and likely to strain bilateral relations between the two countries.

    He said the two governments have engaged over the matter, but could not reveal details of the engagement.

    “We’ve many structures in our bilateral cooperation arrangements that are specifically there to assist one another and this includes the police and the defence forces. The South African government has not approached us to even tell us about what we saw being flighted in the media,” he said.

    “In fact, we got surprised by the inclusion of certain elements in the South African Police Minister’s statements claiming that people in the Zimbabwe National Army don’t retire, and that they are running away from uncle Bob. We think this is casting unnecessary assertions and we know that retirements and resignations in the ZNA are as ordinary and normal as anything.”

    Mr Mbalula while addressing the media at the South African Police Services (SAPS) training centre in Pretoria on Tuesday said Zimbabwean ex-soldiers were robbing banks in the neighbouring country.

    “There are people who come from Zimbabwe and cross the line here. They run away from the military in Zimbabwe and they come and promote criminality here in South Africa. That is the truth, where should I tell that truth?” Mr Mbalula was quoted as saying.

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  • CHRIST Embassy leader, Chris Oyakhilome, is scheduled to make his maiden visit to Zimbabwe next month where he is expected to officially launch his church’s global worship and communion miracle service.

    His trip was confirmed in a recent video broadcast shown to church members on Easter Friday.

    “On the 7th of May we will be in Harare, Zimbabwe for the Worship and Communion service, a very special one…,” said the Nigeria-based cleric who commands a global following.

    The service is scheduled to be held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

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  • OK Zimbabwe will this year offer customers loyalty points valued at $200 000 as part of the annual OK Grand Challenge Promotion which begins today.

    • The OK Grand Challenge runs up to June 2, 2017 with the draw, to be held the following day.
    • On top of the loyalty programme, the OK Grand Challenge will give 41 vehicles, up from last year’s 40. The promotion will also give away $200 000 worth of airtime as part of their prizes.
    • The OK Grand Challenge will feature 200 products from over 50 supplier partners over the seven-week duration of the promotion.
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