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Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday said his association stood guided by Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga’s counsel that they must respect the leadership in Zanu-PF and Government.

War veterans, Mr Mutsvangwa said, would give Gen Chiwenga’s words the weight they deserve. Gen Chiwenga is the surviving most senior commander of the Second Chimurenga on the Zanla side.

In an interview with The Herald, Mr Mutsvangwa said Gen Chiwenga was a very senior commander who seldom strayed into political issues and it was wise to listen and abide by his words when he spoke.

“He is a serving General and he never normally strays into political issues,” he said.

“He is also a very senior commander. He went to war in 1973 when he was very young.

“He has built up a lot of experience and wisdom and so when he decides to say something we give it due weight and gravity. It is only right and proper that we listen to him with respect.”

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  • War veterans are fully behind President Mugabe and will vigorously campaign for Zanu-PF in next year’s harmonised elections, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) elder Cde Joseph Chinotimba has said.

    Cde Chinotimba said war veterans and Zanu-PF could not be separated, as the two were bonded by the history of the liberation struggle.

    He said war veterans should not be misled by reckless statements being made by some “lost and misguided elements” that are on the payroll of Western countries to denigrate President Mugabe and the revolutionary party.

    Cde Chinotimba’s remarks were in response to statements made by ZNLWVA spokesperson Mr Douglas Mahiya over the weekend that President Mugabe would go down with under-fire Zanu-PF national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere in next year’s elections if he failed to fire him.

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  • A FIERCE verbal war has erupted between war veterans and collaborators after the latter said they would withdraw their support for President Robert Mugabe if he continues to shield Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.

    The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya on Sunday, urged Mugabe to dump Kasukuwere ahead of the 2018 general elections or else “they will both go down”.

    But, Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators’ Association (Ziliwaco) chairperson Pupurai Togarepi yesterday called Mahiya to order saying: “If Mahiya or the ZNLWVA has a problem with an individual in this case the national commissar we do not have a problem with that, but they should not lump everyone along.”

    “Ziliwaco takes serious exception where Cde Mahiya drags the President’s name into issues that concern particular individuals in the party. When we raise our view it must not appear as if we own the process, we are part of the revolution, but we have our extent in terms of advice. Ziliwaco will not accept any denigration of the President, but will continue to raise its concerns about party leaders who would have gone offside,” Togarepi said.

    Contacted for comment, Mahiya remained defiant.

    “The President as the appointing authority has the final say and that is why our unhappiness is aimed at him. It is nothing personal and Togarepi should know that Kasukuwere did not appoint himself commissar. We are just reminding the leadership of the revolutionary principles of listening to the people when they speak. They have spoken against the commissar and action must be taken,” Mahiya said.

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  • WAR veterans secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda has called for government leadership renewal, saying the current “corrupt” Zanu PF regime had proved beyond doubt that it was not committed to improving the welfare of the liberation war fighters

    “We can’t talk of our welfare with people who don’t know how to run a country. We have to ensure that this corrupt system is removed before we talk of our welfare,” he said.

    Matemadanda made the remarks yesterday following reports that government owed $37 million in unpaid school fees for war veterans’ children and was struggling to raise former fighters’ monthly pension payouts.

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  • PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe blew hot and cold yesterday, as he blasted war veterans and pleaded for support from his erstwhile colleagues, who have all but dumped him as their preferred candidate in the 2018 general elections.

    Speaking at the burial of the late Retired Brigadier-General James Murozvi at the National Heroes’ Acre, Mugabe said war veterans should follow the example set by the national hero.

    “He was quiet and respectable and he respected his government, he never opposed or criticised to say the government is failing. He was calm, very different in his actions to those who think that since they are war veterans they have the right to rule and direct things in a manner that they want, no, he followed party principles,” he said.

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