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Buhera West Constituency legislator Cde Joseph Chinotimba today handed over furniture worth $4 500 to Cde Dickson Chinx Chingaira’s wife at their Sentosa home that was handed to the family by First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe this week.

The house was donated by the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) as a recognition of Cde Chinx’s contribution to the development of music.

Addressing journalists after the handover, Cde Chinotimba said the donation would go a long way in helping his ailing friend, as well as his family.

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  • War veterans are fully behind President Mugabe and will vigorously campaign for Zanu-PF in next year’s harmonised elections, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) elder Cde Joseph Chinotimba has said.

    Cde Chinotimba said war veterans and Zanu-PF could not be separated, as the two were bonded by the history of the liberation struggle.

    He said war veterans should not be misled by reckless statements being made by some “lost and misguided elements” that are on the payroll of Western countries to denigrate President Mugabe and the revolutionary party.

    Cde Chinotimba’s remarks were in response to statements made by ZNLWVA spokesperson Mr Douglas Mahiya over the weekend that President Mugabe would go down with under-fire Zanu-PF national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere in next year’s elections if he failed to fire him.

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  • VOLUMES of tobacco, which has been exported so far now stands at 42.5 million kg, a 14 percent rise from those exported in the corresponding period last year, statistics released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) show.

    In its weekly tobacco bulletin, the TIMB said revenue from tobacco exports for this year currently stand at $204.3 million, an 11 percent drop from $228.7 million grossed during the same period last year.

    The tobacco crop is being exported at an average price of $4,81 per kg. China, Belgium, South Africa and Korea have been the major buyers of the flue-cured crop out of 46 countries.

    China remains the top destination for local tobacco, after buying 13.8 million kg worth $114.4 million at an average price of $8,28 per kg. The second largest buyer is Belgium, which imported 4.7 million kg valued at $7.9 million while exports to Korea were 2.3 million kg valued at $10.6 million.

    South Africa has topped the buyer’s list in Africa, buying 3.2 million kg of the golden leaf valued at $6.7 million. Meanwhile, TIMB said deliveries at both auction and contract sales rose significantly from a daily average of 3 million kg to current 4 million kg per day.

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  • TOBACCO auction and contract seasonal sales rose by 42%, raking in $125,83 million as of Wednesday last week compared to the same period last year as deliveries increased ahead of the Easter and Independence holiday.

    The Easter and Independence holidays ran from Friday up to yesterday.

    Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) spokesperson Isheanesu Moyo told NewsDay yesterday that though the current tobacco season was benefitting from the rainy season, last week saw tobacco farmers rush to the floors in search of cash ahead of the holidays.

    “The deliveries this season are generally higher, although due to the holidays people wanted to raise money for the holidays because the floors were going to be closed from Friday through to Tuesday (yesterday). People wanted to make money for the holidays so that they could use that money. But, generally this season is better than last season in terms of deliveries,” he said.

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