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Government has started recruiting 2 300 teachers ahead of schools opening for second term next week, to enable full implementation of the new curriculum introduced by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, a Cabinet Minister has said.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Prisca Mupfumira said the Public Service Commission (PSC) had started the process of recruiting the teachers and was working on modalities and administrative issues.

Minister Mupfumira said they were looking forward to completing the recruitment process before schools opened, as Government moved to address the shortage of teachers.

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  • The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) has urged its members to respect the recent High Court ruling outlawing corporal punishment, saying alternative methods of disciplining students should be introduced.

    Speaking on the sidelines of the organisation’s 36th annual conference in Harare on Tuesday, Zimta chief executive officer, Sifiso Ndlovu said Zimbabwe had no option, but to align itself to world conventions that call for humane methods of disciplining children.

    “We should look at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, where we are saying, in terms of corporal punishment, the Zimbabwean teacher who goes to teach in South Africa should not be found on the wrong side of the law. While we may not have a curriculum, which has the same philosophy because we are different countries, there are common standards that we can agree on, such as the Sadc Protocol on Education and Training. In that interface, we can adhere to standards which can be transferred across the region,” he said.

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  • LECTURERS in universities and colleges as well as teachers in public and private schools who are found guilty of abusing students risk having their degrees and diplomas cancelled by the Government to curb rampant abuse, especially of female learners.

    Speaking at a Mkoba Teachers’ College graduation ceremony in Gweru yesterday, the Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Dr Godfrey Gandawa, said there was an urgent need to curb the surge in sexual abuse of learners in schools, colleges and universities.

    He said cases of abuse of students were rampant.

    Dr Gandawa said punishments such as imprisonment or expulsion from work was not enough since perpetrators always ended up teaching elsewhere using their diplomas or degrees.

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