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PARLIAMENT is set to debate a motion on the possible existence of a cartel which controls who is awarded a tender or not, following claims that enterprises from Matabeleland provinces are being sidelined, especially for hospital works.

The latest move follows years of complaints that some of those who would have been awarded tenders under questionable circumstances have failed to deliver or have provided sub-standard service.

In an interview yesterday, Matabeleland South MP Mrs Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga said within the next two weeks she will table a motion in Parliament on the allocation of tenders. She said there is a growing trend where tenders are mainly awarded to companies from Harare countrywide to the detriment of local industries.

“I’ve got a motion actually on the order paper and the results that I found are frightening. I should be bringing it within a week or two.

“You’ll find that someone from Harare is doing debt collection for United Bulawayo Hospitals or Mpilo Central Hospital as if there are no debt collectors in Bulawayo,” she said.

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