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A PASTOR from a Zion church in Gwanda allegedly beat his wife to death with a hoe handle when she denied him sex.

Misheck Ncube (54) immediately handed himself over to police in Gwanda when he realised Ms Nokuthula Khumalo (44) had stopped breathing following the attack after midnight on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at Nsimbi Village under Chief Nhlamba in the Guyu area.

Ncube allegedly told police he lost his temper because his wife denied him his conjugal rights when he desperately needed to be intimate with her.

He is said to have told officers he struck his wife twice on the face with the hoe handle resulting in her death.

A source close to the couple said Ncube flew into a rage when Ms Khumalo continuously told him she was not feeling well and could not have sex.

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  • The United Family International Church (UFIC) is building a secondary school in Sunningdale, Harare, to cater for pupils in and around the suburb. The educational institution that is being built on an eight-hectare piece of land, will have Form 1 to Form 6 classes. It will be called Ruthdale High School and will have an enrolment of 1 080 pupils.

    The enrolment for both boys and girls begins in January next year.

    Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony by Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufakunesu said it was critical for the church to build the school in Sunningdale to benefit residents.

    “Currently, there are no secondary schools in Sunningdale, therefore this development will come as a huge relief to the residents of Sunningdale and Harare at large,” said Pastor Kufakunesu.

    Pastor Kufakunesu added that UFIC valued education and the school was going to accommodate everyone.

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  • A MADZIBABA in Bulawayo was hospitalised following an assault by a fellow congregant who was against his “prophecy” that congregants should shave their heads with one razor blade.

    Mr Seppyoggi Rutendo Mthethwa (22), a court heard yesterday, told congregants that God had shown him that everyone should be bald-headed for the next service.

    Garments flew as Steven Mukozhiwa (39) from New Magwegwe suburb allegedly used the apostolic sect’s  trademark shepherd’s crook — also loosely referred to as the Rod of Moses — to beat up Mr Mthethwa.

    He was opposed to having his hair cut with the same blade that had been used on others, citing risk of diseases. The court heard how Mukozhiwa flew into a rage when Mr Mthethwa insisted things should be done his way.

    He allegedly hit Mr Mthethwa all over the body with the stick and head butted him on the mouth during the church service at a bushy area near Davis Granite on March 12. Mr Mthethwa sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).

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  • The Anglican Church has instructed its lawyers to recover everything the church lost to ex-communicated bishop Dr Nolbert Kunonga following the Supreme Court ruling last month.

    The superior court ordered the bishop to pay the Anglican Church $427 000 as compensation for shares he sold after he led the church into schism in 2007.

    The shares were owned by the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) in various firms and by command of the law, the decision of the Supreme Court is final and binding on all subordinate courts.

    The Anglican Diocesan secretary, Reverend Clifford Dzavo, said Dr Kunonga was yet to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.

    “We met our lawyers Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans last week on Friday after the court ruling,” said Rev Dzavo.

    “We have instructed them to follow up the matter and recover the money and everything that we lost to Kunonga.

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  • Police in Marondera are hunting for four armed robbers, who stormed the Zaoga provincial headquarters and kidnapped a pastor and other church members before making off with more than $4 000 cash and cellphones after blowing off two safes.

    It is reported that while inside, the suspects rounded up everyone, and tied their hands using neck ties and clothes.They took two cellphones from the Jokotas.

    It is said that after hearing the noise and cries from the pastor’s house, Edmore Makause (36), a church caretaker, went to check.Upon reaching the verandah, he met the three suspects, who were armed with empty beer bottles and iron bars.

    The suspects then manhandled Makause and led him into the house, where everyone was and had his hands tied. They then force-marched Jokota to the church secretary’s office, where a safe with money was located, and forcefully gained entry into the office.They reportedly used dynamite to blow the safe before taking $3 500 cash.

    They also force-marched Jokota to the youth secretary’s office, where they blew another safe and took $600.They proceeded to Makause’s house and took $60 and a phone. They returned Jokota to his house and tied him again before ordering him to lie down on his stomach.

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  • The Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga) yesterday filed an application at the High Court to interdict and force Gokwe Town Council to transfer land the church bought from the local authority.

    The church approached the High Court after the council reneged on its promise to transfer five stands it bought.

    It is alleged Zaoga was offered five stands sometime in 2013 and they were pegged at $60 000. Zaoga accepted the offer and paid $15 000 on August 26, 2013 and a further $6 000 on October 9 of the same year.

    They submitted that instead of fulfilling the agreement the council was now seeking to revalue the stands by revising the purchase price after accepting the part payment of the $60 000, which was agreed on.

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  • Saint John Apostolic is building a state-of-the-art hospital in Mhondoro which they hope to complete by the end of the year.

    The church’s archbishop Sydney Mabiza said the church had noticed with great concern that disadvantaged members of the community were travelling long distances to access healthcare.

    “The construction of this hospital named Doctor Richard Mariga Hospital will help in alleviating high levels of maternal mortality among women and other economically disadvantaged groups,” he told the Daily News on Sunday.

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