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THE Registrar General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has said his department will not relax the birth registration process as there is a danger of fuelling child trafficking and registering children that are not Zimbabweans.

Officials in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education told Mr Mudede at a registration workshop in Bulawayo on Friday that most children were failing to write examinations because they had no birth certificates.

The officials called for the relaxation of the birth registration process, saying it would go a long way in reducing school dropouts especially in the rural areas.

They said some pupils that needed birth certificates were failing to meet the stringent requirements.

Mr Mudede insisted that the process was already relaxed and therefore there was no need for any changes.

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  • COMPANIES and individuals are losing millions of dollars due to fraud involving fake identification documents, the Registrar General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has said.

    Addressing officials from Government departments, insurers and lawyers at a death registration workshop in Bulawayo yesterday, Mr Mudede said authorities should check the authenticity of registration documents before processing benefits for members of the public to avoid fraudulent cases that are on the increase.

    He said there was an increase in people who present fake identification documents to claim from deceased estates, process international visas, claim compensation from insurance companies, get employment or defraud companies and individuals.

    He said it was important for authorities to check with his office before processing anything as some people were producing counterfeit documents.

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