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SA leading gospel choir, Joyous celebrations is set for a “Hallelujah night” show at Heartfelt International Ministries (HIM) International Overflow Centre (IOC), Ashdown park shops in Zimbabwe today.

The choir will be bringing a full band for the first time in Zimbabwe for the show which is an initiative of HIM president and founder Apostle Tavonga and Pastor Chipo Vutabwashe.

According to HIM, Hallelujah night show is part of the ‘21 days of the Holy Ghost series 2’ which has been ongoing since Sunday, March 26 this year.

Information shows that Joyous Celebration will be sharing the stage with HIM choir of the famous “Jesu Anotonga” tonight.

In an interview, Apostle Vutabwashe said the Hallelujah night show will be for free.

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