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Four policemen, who allegedly committed crimes in separate incidents in the city, appeared in court yesterday charged with fraud, bribery and extortion.

Their cases were, however, recorded differently. Patrick Makina (38), who is facing extortion charges, allegedly demanded a motor vehicle and cash from a man who was in custody facing a theft charge involving $50 000 to facilitate his release.

Traffic cops, Brighton Matafari (36) and Mike Mukuna (29) were arrested at a roadblock after receiving $5 bribe from a motorist whose driver’s licence they had confiscated.

Another policeman, Henock Henock (27), is facing a fraud charge after he allegedly defrauded a Harare woman of $1 000 after she intended to have her fingerprints vetted for a police clearance.

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  • An attempt to make money off his wife’s alleged boyfriend last week landed a Chitungwiza man in prison after he was convicted of extortion.

    Nyasha Mukusha (34), a neighbourhood watch committee member, was found guilty when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mrs Yeukai Chigodora.

    Prosecutor Mr Farai Katonha told the court: “On the 13th of April, 2017 whilst (Mr) Taketwo Chikazaza was on his way to Masona Village, he was stopped by Mukusha’s wife who asked him where he was going. “As they were talking, Mukusha emerged from a bush with two of his friends and started accusing Chikazaza of having an affair with his wife.

    “Mukusha then produced handcuffs, threatening to handcuff Chikazaza and take him to (a nearby) police base unless he compensated (him) for the affair. “Mukusha demanded US$500 and Chikazaza stated that he could only afford US$50. They all proceeded to (the police base) where he set Chikazaza free after receiving US$30, with the US$20 balance to be paid later.”

    Mr Chikazaza subsequently made a police report, leading to Mukusha’s arrest.

    Mukusha was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment, with one month suspended for five years.

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