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The 127 former Anjin Investments (Pvt) Ltd employees, owed more than $407 442 in terminal benefits following the seizure of all diamond mines in Chiadzwa by the government last year, will have to wait longer for the payment of their gratuities after their application was last week removed from the roll at the High Court pending the mine’s Constitutional Court (ConCourt) challenge against the State.

The employees had filed an urgent application seeking to compel Anjin Investments to fulfil the terms of the mutual termination agreement, arguing the mine was no longer going to resume operations in Chiadzwa since its High Court application seeking to be allowed to continue diamond mining had been dismissed.

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  • Government will now fully consolidate the diamond mining sector after resolving all legal issues with Chinese companies which were mining in the Chiadzwa area and agreeing to a compensation figure with Russian company Development Trust of Zimbabwe-Econendra of Russia (DTZ-OZGEO).

    Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa told journalists on the sidelines of the Kimberly Process Intercessional meetings which started in Perth, Western Australia on Monday that all legal issues around the consolidation of the diamond mining sector particularly with the Chinese companies have been settled.

    The diamond mining firms which operated at Chiadzwa for many years did not benefit the country and at one time, President Mugabe bemoaned the prejudice of $15 billion in revenue the country suffered.

    Consequently, Government merged diamond mining companies previously operating in Chiadzwa and Marange into ZCDC as the State moved in to ensure accountability. This triggered some court actions as some miners resisted eviction arguing the move was unlawful.

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  • THE state-run Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) has been barred by the High Court from pillaging diamond ore which belongs to Mbada Diamonds (Pvt) Limited, in a new setback for government’s troubled mining project.

    Mbada has been granted an interdict stopping the ZCDC — formed last year through a forced merger of Marange Resources, Gye Nyame, Diamond Mining Corporation, and Kusena — from looting its ore dumps. Anjin, Jinan and Mbada rejected the consolidation process. This comes amid reports that since the end of Mbada operations on February 22 last year, illegal panners have breached security to loot more than 150 000 tonnes of diamond ore stockpiles that were ready for processing.

    ZCDC and the Zimbabwe Republic police have been defying the previous High Court order issued in February. Sources said due to poor production the ZCDC has been plundering Mbada’s ore to boost its waning fortunes. The High Court interdict, granted on Tuesday, bars the ZCDC from interfering with or taking ore belonging to Mbada.

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