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South African rapper K.O popularly known as MR Cash Time says he is ready to shutdown the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair weekend.

K.O is expected to arrive in Bulawayo tomorrow for his performance at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre. He will be joined by Winky D, Cal Vin, DJ Liz, Garry B and The Godfather Templeman at a show dubbed Best of both worlds.

The Skhanda republic head said he was upbeat about performing in Bulawayo after five years. “I’m excited to be performing in Bulawayo. The last time I was there was five years ago with Teargas and what I remember most is that the energy was insane.

“I’m not expecting anything different. Last year when I was in Harare, it was incredible and Bulawayo will be just as crazy,” said K.O. He said for the first time, he would perform with a live band.

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