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ZIMBABWE recorded a 30 percent jump in gold deliveries in May to about two tonnes compared to 1.5 tonnes in April, data from Fidelity Printers and Refiners show.

Latest statistics from Fidelity Printers, the sole gold buyer since 2015, show that in May primary producers and small-scale miners had a combined delivery of 1 920.3 kilogrammes, the highest monthly output so far this year.

Of that figure, deliveries by primary producers were at 1 045.3 kg while small-scale miners delivered 875.9 kg.

In January, primary producers and small-scale miners had a combined total of 1 636.5 kg, while in February deliveries declined to 1 454.9 kg.

In March gold deliveries to Fidelity rose to 1 545.4 kg before receding to 1 489.3 kg in April.

The miners, in the first quarter of the year produced a combined total of 4 636.8 kg while statistics from the country’s sole gold buyer show that 3 409.7 kg have so far been delivered in the second quarter.

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