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Government has struck a $100 million deal with banks to rehabilitate the country’s damaged roads, Transport minister Jorum Gumbo has said.

This comes as rampaging floods, which injured 128 people and displaced at least 1 985, washed away several bridges and roads in major highways in southern parts of Zimbabwe.

The funds — mobilised with the assistance of Zinara and the Treasury — are set to be channelled to urban and rural district councils, and other road departments.

Gumbo said in the meantime, government has been conducting emergency works on the country’s roads. He said Manicaland Province’s Stapleford and Honde Valley roads’ washed away sections have been fixed and are now open to traffic.

On-going projects include Chikwizi Bridge repairs along Mutare-Masvingo road, which is now 65 percent complete. Repair works at Murare Bridge along Mutare-Masvingo road is now at 80 percent complete.

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