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LOCAL women are falling over each other to buy a “wonder cream” that allegedly enlarges hips and bums in just two weeks.

Those craving cosmetic enhancements of their natural assets are buying 125ml of Botcho Cream for $50 from a lady who sells the cosmetic in Harare. Those outside the capital are having the product sent to them via public transport, after paying on EcoCash.

A woman who sells the cream, only identified as Rue from Harare has lured women with pictures of her customers on the WhatsApp group. Each day, she said more and more women were contacting her to place orders.

Research about the cream showed that it originated from West Africa.

“Botcho cream was whipped up by a man named Dr Zoh. But to be clear, he is not a real MD or scientist nor is he a chemist. Still — he’s managed to concoct an all-natural booty cream using ingredient drawn from plants and honey. Botcho is a popular term used in the Cote d’Ivoire to refer to a woman’s huge buttocks. The term and the cream became popular due to the popularity of the Bobaraba (big bottom) dance — the latest song by musical duo DJ Mix and Eloh DJ — which is why Botcho cream is also referred to as Bobaraba cream,” reads an online news article.

However, a local medical expert yesterday warned women against using the cream to attain the much-vaunted Coca-Cola bottle shape.

Reverend Jabulani Mafohla from the Church of the Nazarene in Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb said the creams were unGodly.

“Even if they work, which I doubt, they go against God’s plan,” he said.

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