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A survey of prices in most major retail outlets indicated a phenomenal rise for most products such as meat, toiletries, soaps and a range of non-basic products and stationary. Between March and April, prices have, for instance, risen by between 10 and 15 percent, according to figures from the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTATS).

On Monday, ZIMSTAT said year-on-year inflation increased in April, gaining 0,27 percentage points to close the month at 0,48 percent. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month ending April 2017 stood at 97,07 compared 97,01 in March 2017 and 96,60 in April 2016.

Beef, which cost between US$4 and US$5 for most super grades before the introduction of bond notes, is now retailing at between US$7,50 to US$8,20 per kg in many supermarkets around Harare.

Some locally produced brands of cooking oil, which were selling for US$2,89 for a two litre bottle last month, are now trading at US$3,55 per two litre bottle. Super refined maize-meal, which cost US$6,80 for a 10kg bag in March, is now being sold for US$7,65. Detergent soaps have risen from US$0,89 to US$1,20 during the same period. Fuel prices went up last week,

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