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FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday waded into the family affairs of popular musician, Dickson Chingaira, popularly known as Cde Chinx, declaring that his second wife does not deserve to be accommodated in a house donated to the family by organisers of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima).

Speaking at the handover of the house in Sentosa, Harare, Grace declared that the property belonged to Cde Chinx’s first wife, Patricia.

She said the second wife, Ntombizodwa, should be happy with what she has now, as she was responsible for the polygamous situation in the family. “I don’t want to turn my back and leave things in disarray,” she said, describing herself as a judge.

Ntombizodwa, who was sitting on Cde Chinx’s left side in the front row, remained stoned-faced as Grace delivered her “verdict”. “We don’t want to leave this place to hear that people stabbed each other, we don’t want to hear that. Do you agree with me?” she asked people who had attended the function.

“Ntombizodwa, you are junior and you should accept the situation that you created. You created that situation for yourself and if you didn’t like it, you must have objected. This house will be left for Patricia.”

But the veteran musician was not amused by the decision, and took Grace to task, asking if she was going to organise something for his junior wife. In response, Grace threw the ball back to Zima chairman Joseph Nyadzayo to solve the matter and satisfy all. The otherwise colourful function turned sombre for some, including Cde Chinx’s second wife, while the elder wife’s supporters were engulfed in mirth.

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