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In an interview with Dailynews, MDC shadow Finance minister Tapiwa Mashakada said they have a plan to create a 100 billion dollar economy within its first 100 days if elected. Here are points pointed out in the interview on how they going to achieve that goal

  • The MDC has a credible transformation agenda for Zimbabwe. Our economic vision is the creation of a $100 billion economy within the first 100 days on the back of investment renewal and confidence that will result in the review of the indigenisation policy.
  • An MDC government will right size the government, act on corruption and tap on Diaspora resources in order to strengthen the budget. Obviously ghost workers will go the morning after the swearing-in of …Tsvangirai at State House.
  • Production will be our buzzword and obviously, using our international goodwill, the MDC will go out to float infrastructure Eurobonds bonds in deep capital markets.
  • We will get syndicated off-shore loans on the strength of our economic stimulus measures.
  • An MDC government will make primary and secondary education absolutely free and introduce loans and grants at tertiary education level. We will bring back the land market by giving bankable title to all productive farmers.
  • We will compensate commercial farmers in terms of the Constitution and restore the country’s bread basket status. The conditions of service of our defence forces will be improved and their equipment upgraded.
  • An authentic civil service audit will be done and once the correct levels of establishment are rationalised, we will pay competitive salaries to our civil service.
  • We will revamp our roads, railways and energy plants. Parastatals will either be commercialised or recapitalised through private equity or venture capital.
  • Rural areas will be transformed through our industrialisation and modernisation programme. But most importantly we will implement devolution.
  • All revenues will go to the Consolidated Revenue Fund and fundraising roadblocks will be suspended forthwith.
  • Our industrialisation programme will start with the resuscitation of closed companies like the Ziscosteel.
  • We will create jobs from our infrastructure and industrialisation plan. All this is possible if we can change governance culture.
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